E-Commerce solutions

E-Commerce solutions

E-Commerce is much more than a shopping cart added to your site. Just look at Amazon.com…

Ecommerce is: a shopping cart plus
• Content,
• Promotions,
• Targeting,
• Maintenance,
• Visibility

While we are happy to give you a shopping cart alone, we are convinced that what you need is not a shopping cart. What you need is sales. Our team can help you add the ingredients necessary to convert visitors into customers.


Content is articles, product information, reviews, comparisons, background information and more. Content is why you buy a magazine loaded with ads. Content is why you leaf through the catalog of a mail order company several times. Content is a reason to come back more often. Content sells.
We will help you develop and serve the content that will convert visitors into customers, and will bring customers back for more.


Most people expect to save money by buying on the net. Many are looking for bargains. “Free” and “cheap” are among the most often searched words on the net. To be an effective online retailer you have to learn the game of offline retailers. You need to have the loss leaders: specials and promotional items that people stop for. And you also need to have the high margin items that they buy because you entice them.
We will help you with designing, executing and evaluating promotions. The great advantage of the Internet is that you can monitor every click of visitors, and get real time feedback on the effectiveness of a promotion. You can easily test alternatives and improve the ones that work the best.


Both Content and Promotions work much better, if they are targeted to the known profile, browsing and shopping history of users.


Retailing changes dynamically. And online retailing especially so. For your site to stay effective, you will need to tweak it from time to time. We will give you a site that is easy to maintain, or maintain it for you.

See our study on Total Cost of Ownership of Web Sites


There is no use of having a great site if visitors can not find it. We will help you promote your site both offline and online.

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