Web site Total Cost of Ownership

What is Total Cost of Ownership?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is nothing more than the realization that owning any technology has ongoing maintenance, upgrade and hidden costs that can eclipse the initial investment.

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Web site Total Cost of Ownership

Your web site is a technology investment like any other. On top of the internal management cost associated with the project (tendering, specification, legal, etc.) you will incur:
Initial internal costs
• Specifications
• Tendering
• Legal (for contract with providers)
• Writing copy and providing corporate image elements
• Internal testing and acceptance

Initial external costs
• Design
• Coding
• Testing
• Search Engine Submission – if required

Ongoing costs
• Hosting
• Technical maintenance
• Content maintenance
• Periodic facelifts

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Web Services approach to Total Cost of Web Site Ownership

We understand exactly the ongoing cost of site ownership, and work to build an ongoing relationship with our clients.

You understand your business, and we understand multilingual web sites. You will incur unnecessary cost if you try to teach your staff about the technology of multilingual sites. Just as we will incur unnecessary cost if we try to learn your business. And eventually our extra cost will end up being your extra cost.

To minimize your cost, we need to work together in determining where responsibilities for the site begin and where they end. In an ideal scenario your staff has to be aware of the website, and make sure all relevant content gets to us in one language. We will take that information, translate it and update your site. We will also continuously monitor the usage and performance of your site, and periodically suggest site upgrades and facelifts.

You do your business, and we do ours.


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