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As with all technology investment, you should consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your web site. You will find that web site TCO consists of many diverse items, and most of them relate to maintenance.

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Web Services developed a unique XML-based design technology to give multilingual web sites maximum flexibility while keeping maintenance cost at a minimum.

The raw data for your web page comes from two sources: Static text and Database content

1. Static text
Static text is the non-changing text on your web page. For many simple web sites, that is the only type of text.

2. Database content
Database content is any variable data pulled from a database. It is the products on ecommerce sites, the news items on news sites, the search results on search sites, etc.

3. Web Services’ multilingual XML technology packages all raw data as XML data structures. Static text is retrieved from a multilingual text table, and database content is pulled from the appropriate database.

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Want to change the language of a site? Just pull up a different column in the multilingual text table.

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4. The raw XML data is then formatted with XSL to create the standard HTML code of web pages.

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Want to change the look of a site? Just use a different XSL template.

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How does this reduce your Total Cost of Ownership?

• When you need a new language, we don’t write a new site, we just add a column to your language text table.
• When you need a Christmas decoration, we don’t redesign the site, we just modify a small part of your XSL.
• When you need new content, you give it to us in English, and we update your language table for all languages.
• When you need a facelift for your site every year or two, we don’t redesign your site; we just pull a new XSL skin over your existing data structure.

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